Blogging While Brown was amazing. That sums it up.

I know you want more but that’s the sum total of the weekend of learning and networking. UH MAZ ING. So moving right along, I met a little diva called The Cubicle Chick at the conference and you know what she told me? She told me that women clean better than men. We’ll she didn’t really but you know I’m a storyteller so I had to juice it up.

What she did hip me to was a company called Chicalogic, a company that provides technology and software solutions FOR WOMEN. Of course I love them because I’m a tech geek and uh, the blog name is Cultured GIRLS Only *shrugs*. Both of Chicalogics solutions ChicaPC-Fix  (registry cleaner so it cleans up bits of data left behind when installing and unstalling programs) and ChicaPC-Shield (which provides 100% protection against viruses and harmful little programs called malware which spy, collect your data, and slow down your computer) do what women do best. Clean up after men. I mean we all know Microsoft has its bugs and defects and while I love them and haven’t yet divorced them and moved on to Apple, I do shake my fist often and pull out my hair when I run into the common sluggishness of a dirty system.

I’d been using free software like Glary Registry Repair and Advanced System Care, Norton Utilities and lord knows what else but still having problems. After running ChicaPC-Fix and ChicaPC-Shield (both nominally priced with), I felt like I just had a good BM (didn’t mean to gross you out but you catch my drift). Things started to do this and that a little more smoothly and I was happy that my computer behaved like it had gotten it’s morning vitamins.

Is your PC behaving like a menopausal woman? If so, I have a few copies of BOTH the ChicaPC-Fix and ChicaPC-Shield for you to try (5 of each so everybody may win a little somethin’ somethin’). Yup, I’m giving away a few. Those who comment will be entered to win a license/activation key for EITHER, but you ALSO must:

1) Tweet this:  “I entered @jasminepowers #giveaway 4 @ChicaLogic- software 4 women by women 2 keep computers running smoothly” and leave a link to your Tweet in your comment.

2)  Visit the ChicaLogic Tips & Tricks and share one helpful article in your comments.

3)  Share a computer nightmare that ChicaLogic could have helped prevent.

 Deal? *shakes hand* Deal. Wishing that you all win! Ready, set, go!
IF YOU”RE IMPATIENT AND DON”T WANT TO ENTER AND WANT TO GRAB YOUR COPIES OF THESE PROGRAMS, here’s the link to get both at discounted prices (my gift from me to you):
CHICAPC-FIX (Reg. Price $29.95, with this link NOW $19.95)
CHICAPC-SHIELD (Reg. Price $29.95, with this link NOW $24.95)

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