An article I originally wrote as Creative Director for INSPIRE Journal. Enjoy.

July 1, 2010 Houston, TX—Painting is just one of the many talents of New Orleans native Thais Mills. The journalist, poet, and host was a favorite in the community, writing for the city’s paper, also organizing and hosting a monthly spoken word event at a local hotspot called Lip Service Ink.

Then, the storm came. Mills was uprooted and forced to relocate because of the devastation to her long-time residence. She, like tens of thousands of others who called New Orleans, Louisiana home, had to make a new beginning in New City, U.S.A.

Sudden upheaval in Mills life took its toll financially as well. Now residing in Houston, TX, she had to start over, building from scratch what is now her empire. She is a true attestation to the drive and determination rooted deeper than anything a storm could topple over.

Thais was known in her poetry circle back home as “En-thai-cing”. Her clever use and wit with words was indeed, enticing. Her pen never stopped moving. The ink flowed onto the page telling stories of triumph, achievement, and it celebrated art, music, and literature.

The amalgamation of what she’d been doing back home with the her spoken word open mic, Lip Service, along with her current stories told online in interviews with of some of the hottest entertainers, artists, and companies was the birth of, a mega-site dedicated to promoting positivity and advocating literacy. In fact, the only advertising done for the site is through branded bookmarks that are shipped nationally in the thousands to stores, organizations, and with orders of her Enticing Objects.

Enticing Objects is another of Mills thriving businesses. She is a brilliant visual artist. Her use of vivid colors and intriguing combination of paints, resins, dyes, and other media, makes her customized and practical pieces alluring. In her boutique, you’ll find signage, desk receptacles, and the corporate gift favorite, Couture Magnets.

Her Couture Magnets have been specially made for the likes of comedian, actress, and public speaker, Kim Coles, mogul, Kimora Lee, make up gurus, Alexis V., Brandy Gomez-Duplessis and Tia Dantzler, celebrity photographer, Isaiah Mays, and Rap artists, A Fam Focus, Young Jeezy, Pimp C, Trae and many more. After interviewing a client of Los Angeles-based firm, J Powers Marketing & Publicity on, the company made Enticing Objects their official vendor for corporate gifts. With this kind of support and visibility, everything within Thais Mills reign will soar.

Mills has a spirit that remains hopeful, prayerful, and that perseveres. With that drive, the possibilities for her are endless.

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