Amongst every other thing I am passionate about, I love blogging. Adding to that are blog or any techie conferences. Last year I went to several including BlogHer in NYC and WITI Summit in the technology capital of San Jose.

This year I have the honor of being a volunteer publicist for the Blogging While Brown Conference in Los Angeles, CA on July 8-10, 2011. This conference is geared toward African American bloggers and those in tech fields. They are producing the Black Social Media Weekend so I am ubergeeked! You should come. Email me for more information at jasmine {at} bloggingwhilebrown {dot} com.

Then there’s Blogalicious. Yes, it’s about blogging and it is indeed D-licious! I know all the ladies of Mamalaw Group who are the founders and organizers of the event. I am planning to be in the hizzouse in Washington D.C. for the event this October 21-23, 2011. This event is geared towards women of color so if you can make it too, I suggest you be there.

As for the mother of all women’s blogging conferences, BlogHer, yup, I plan on being there too. Last year’s event was informative, I connected with tons of advertisers, and their goody bag was yummy (got a set of PlayDoh for the kiddies, lotions, cologne, and a wad of other cool stuff). I connected with’s online editor and a host of other great contacts. Can’t wait to see how I can contribute to this years event to be held in San Diego, CA August 5-6, 2011. Yipee!

I sure could use a good trip and I’m sure that if I make all three events, they’d all be stupendously great trips. Of course, if you want to sponsor me, you can do that too! lol

Until next time.

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