The past week or so, I’ve been dedicating some time at the pool. I’m not much of a swimmer but the sparkle of the sun dancing on top of the waters surface. It’s beautiful.

The sun hits my skin. It’s warm and I lay back. My time here is mostly spent writing and reflecting about what makes me happy.

Most days, there are children playing. Their screams of “shark bait” and “Marco Polo” shatter the quiet rustling of the wind blowing through the leaves.

Yesterday, my family came down and we put some food on the grill. Food and summer go hand in hand. The blessing of spending the evening under the canopy eating and talking warmed my heart.

“Why can’t every day be like that one?” I contemplate. As a result, I’ve committed myself to devoting a few hours each day by the pool, writing, eating, and talking.

We have to find that thing that makes us happy and then do it. My quest has been to pursue happiness. It’s my right. It’s your right. What will you do to capture a little sunshine in your heart?