Fear is nothing nice. It’s paralyzing, keeping you from doing what you intend. It is amongst other negative emotions like depression and anxiety. Yes, fear is NOT working for me.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching, trying to reassess my life’s direction and you know what? I’ve been on fear mode. Fearful about trying a new career in graphic recording. Fearful about approaching someone to be my mentor/coach. Fearful about re-entering corporate America as an employee after running my own business.

I think there is some comfort in not moving forward. Fear coddles that comfort, making being stagnant the thing to do.

As a young woman, I know we all go through transitions, but fear will prevent the true, healthy metamorphosis into who you’d ideally want to be.

That’s totally uncool. In life’s journey, sometimes facing the fear and doing things anyway will push you into depths unknown. You could achieve things you never thought possible. Imagine what facing fear head on would do for your character.

This is absolutely a note to self. I have to leave fear at the back door and go for EVERYTHING that I want to do. I’ve taken some risks and after doing so, I felt rewarded.

These rewards are what I should remind myself when I shudder at moving forward with certain aspirations. I CAN DOOO IT! Indeed I will do it.

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