It’s been a minute, well, more like some months since I’ve last shared the inner workings of my brain. The truth is that I’ve been taking a hiatus, trying to figure out life. Not love, just life.

It turns out that in life you don’t make linear progress. I suspect I’m in the middle of a quarterlife crisis brought on by feelings of inadequacy brought on by trying to live up to expectations that has not yet been my reality. In trying to find my way and my calling and my place in this world, I’m learning that it’s not things or goals or achievement that make you. It’s that you keep going.

You may taste the good things in life, the things, the status, and even the feeling of accomplishment but if it’s taken away, what do you have? To me it’s the hope in something better tomorrow. So I continue.

I like many creative people, have to carve out my future, my next thing. Will I become a photographer? Will I try out for American Idol (No, I’d never do that! Yeah right, try me.)? Will I opt for the 9 to 5 life again? Will I move to Amsterdam and marry an astronaut? Who knows.

I just know in this feeling of “What does the future hold?” I want to carve out something that would make me feel good. Something that would bring joy to me and my family. (The photography thing is kinda calling my name.) Could I maybe work in some type of animal rescue mission? I don’t know. I’m not ruling out anything.

When things seem to fall apart, they haven’t. They just are moving out of the way for bigger and better things for you. That’s what I believe and it’s this belief that will help me recreate myself and what I do on my journey to capture happiness.

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