With #naturalhair Day on Twitter, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to why I chose to wear my hair naturally, devoid of relaxers and hair color. It’s partly because I prefer the look on me. The other part is because I want to reject the thinking that only silky hair is attractive. Maybe it’s the look and the ease , maybe it’s rebelliousness.

It’s more than hair and more of a fight against how people feel about our genes, our aesthetic, our blackness. I don’t want to feel like I have to wear relaxer to be beautiful.  I don’t want to feel pressured to fit societal standards of beauty. Those standards are usually based on European traits and require us to adopt that which MAY not be ours inherently, thus feeding self hatred stemming from not looking like what we see in mainstream media.

God created us in a vast array of designs– no design superseding the other. Within evolutions theory and survival of the fittest, comes racial divisions and man’s domination to try to prove his racial fitness. Deeper issues come into the discussion, but a very surface examination reveals that white is not right. White just is. Black is. Asian is. Hispanic is. We are different but the same in our humanness.

No one should have to assimilate to be accepted. No losing of accents, no reconstruction of eyes, no straightening of hair. Point blank. This is why I choose to wear my hair naturally. I’m tired of having tried to fit in and never being able. I respect that I’ll never grow straight hair and embrace that which is naturally and impeccably beautiful.

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