Operation Be Happy: Playing In Snow

Yesterday, I sat at my window as a blizzard blew through. While everyone else complained of being snowed in, I sat like a child in wonderment as the white powder blanketed the streets. To add to my joy, I decided that at first chance, I’ll go out and play it in....

Operation Be Happy: Art

No it’s not back to school time but I’m super happy to have gone in the discount store and found these colored pencils and sharpeners. Yay to art and all the drawing I will be doing.

Token of My Love

While I was just dabbling in watercolor, I came up with this. A solitary rose as a token of my love.

Operation Be Happy: Drawing and Vision

You all know I love anything related to creativity. However, this fall has been particularly challenging and I haven’t been putting my art first. For a change though, I am envisioning my happiness and seeing ways I can reach it. Yesterday, I drew this, a picture...