This morning I want to take it a little to the side and address something that I resent but have to live with. Can I just say that I’m tired of men acting like Beyonce is the baddest and ONLY sexy woman out there.? Guess what? I don’t agree.

While I LOVE Bey and I respect her talent, athleticism, beauty, and confidence, she is not and I repeat, she is not the baddest woman out there. She may be the, or one of the highest grossing female artists but there is a difference in beauty and money and what is really what being badddd is all about.

Yes, my feelings are partly tainted with hateraide, but I believe that I’m very fly. I am not known and am not that shade, size, or physically able (to dance and run miles on end without my asthma pump) as Bey. However, that does not detract from how amazing and “bad” that I am. For every other woman that is not Beyonce, the same can be said.

I say none of this to diss my sistagurl. Beyonce has a right to a big ego. I mean, “I got a big ego” too. And you best believe I can back it up. Not because I look, sing, dance, act, or think a certain way. It’s based on the fact that I am one of God’s creations.

We live in a society that bases their opinions on stupid stuff like aesthetics. Guess what else? All that’s genetics. Didn’t nary a one of the women you look at and drool over did anything (working out, hair, makeup, and clothes excluded) to make them LOOK that way.

My personal, humble opinion is that more value should be placed on how a person acts, what he does, and the impact they have on the people around them. If people did more of that, I think that there would be a completely different assessment of who is the baddest female in the game. Maybe it would be the humanitarian. Perhaps the historian, the librarian, no, no, the educator.

Guess again? I’m none of those either, but the people around me are well-loved, well cared for, and very profoundly impacted by the gifts that I bring to their lives. To them, I may in fact be one big, bad, strong, divalicious, daughter of a bigger diva (had to shout out mom’s who I aim to emulate).

My body will comfort a man just like the next woman. As a matter of fact, he might be even warmer and sleep better because of the added pillows. (Who needs a sleep number bed when I have hips and thighs and what not????)

With all that said, I think guys should get over their obsession with this ONE woman. She’s bomb. I get it. On the other hand, don’t diminish the awesome beauty of the variety of millions of other women in saying that this one person is the standard. She’s not. She’s one of, okay guys?

I’m done ranting. Now let’s watch something that we can all agree is one dope song. EGO!! *Poppin’ it*

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