After a long day and a fairly busy week, I finally have some quiet time to reflect on life and all that it brings.

I noticed that I haven’t been posting content of depth and things have been very short and pointed. Is that because we live in a world so fast paced that we don’t have time to feel?

Our relationships are beginning to suffer because we don’t relate the way we used to. There isn’t enough time to share. People don’t have the patience to sit and listen or read. We don’t allow things to settle in or sink down deep enough to feel.

I think it’s for this reason I find it hard to dig down and share. To really divulge the feelings and thoughts that consume my mind.

I mean, I’m not as shallow as I come off. I don’t just dance or work or sulk about lost love all day. There are family and health concerns, contemplations on religion and politics, bonds being made and broken. It’s just who cares anymore?

Perhaps you do, but are there many others like you who are captivated by the noncontroversial. Does anyone want to know about things that aren’t vulgar or rude? Is there anyone who cares to read about the simple musings of a young woman in transition?

If so, I will continue to share. I will purge my emotions in written word. I will open the pages to my book and let you peer. I will gladly with you share.