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There’s nothing wrong with dreaming right. I mean, sometimes to get away from the hum drum monotony of life, you have to mentally go somewhere else, to be in another place where happiness resides all around. Ironically, that place for me is New York and so I mentally go there often.

Since I’m dreaming and even planning a ultimate vacation there, I might as well be there with the people I love. Truthfully, I’ve been trying to convince my mom and sister to pack their bags to not only visit but to move with me there. Since they’re not buying that, hey, we can settle for a sweet vacation.

They would love it there. I imagine our trip beginning with a nice lunch at Sugarcane in Brooklyn. Later in the day, we’d walk Central Park, or better yet, grab a carriage so we can just sit and enjoy the sights and sounds. Over the weekend, we’ll see a show on Broadway, dine at Negril’s in Lower Manhattan, and maybe finish up with some dancing at the Brooklyn Museum.

Why not add shopping at Century 21 and snapping photos at Times Square to the mix. Wintertime would make for more great sales and shopping on 34th Street and if the kids come along, we could take them ice skating either in Bryant Park or Rockerfeller Center. Ahhh, I can smell the fresh snow now!

This would be better than anything in the world to me—to be in the greatest city in the world with the greatest people in the Universe. It would be most wonderful and something money can’t buy. Until that time comes, I’ll sip my hot cocoa, imagine and pray that one day this dream vacation comes true.

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