Those of you who know me know me (repeated for emphasis and not in error) KNOW that I love to dance. The sad thing about depression or any funky feeling for that matter is that when you, or in this case, I feel like doing absolutely nothing. Nada. Hence, dancing goes and sits down.

This afternoon while scarfing down some unnecessary Cheerios with sugar on top, my mom said to me, “You’re not hungry are you?” We’d recently just come from breakfast. I yelled out my usual, “I’m depressed!” to indicate to her, you might see anything today, I don’t feel good, and leave me alone. A few minutes later I whined about retail therapy and she says, what’s wrong with you. My answer, “I’m depressed!” Her answer, “Girl, you better turn on some music. That’s how you get out of that.”

You know what? She’s absolutely right. She knows about the hotness I have on my morning playlist. A mix of Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, Sean Paul and Mary J. Blige amongst many others instantly gets the body moving and my endorphins UP! Who needs Cheerios or retail therapy when you have Boom Boom Pow to pop your butt to? I don’t.

Wanna hear the opening track? Here goes. Pop it cultured girls and single ladies!