“So I like what I see when I’m looking at me when I’m walkin’ past the mirror”! YUP, my sentiments exactly. “Treat myself to something new”. Check. “I’mma still wear a smile if it’s rainin'”. Dimples poppin’!

Who doesn’t love Just Fine by Mary J. Blige? Whoever doesn’t is a dork. *Kanye shrug* I mean, we all have our favorite songs and this is one of mine. It emphasizes to me the necessity and beauty of contentment.

“I won’t change my life–my life’s just fine”. I mean, hey, there are issues but I’m going to remain happy, to press forward, not stress about insignificant things and on top of that, I look good! You know that’s my favorite part, right?

This song echos the sentiment behind Destiny’s Child’s song Happy Face. “I woke up this morning and the world’s not so bad afterall.” I have my beautiful mom who is like my right hand man and who would cut someone if they tried to hurt me (go mama). I have a career and clients who make me happy to go to work (i.e. walk to my workstation from my bedroom which is cool in and of itself). To top it off, I can buy really cute clothes and I’m cute as a puss it boots so dag, who wouldn’t love this! Lol, pardon my silliness.

I won’t change my life because my life IS just fine. Things are going to be fabulous even if I don’t have every thing just how I want it. I have to learn contentment and this is where it starts, right? I have to see the beauty in everything that already exist and is in place.

Before I start my morning ritual of my Beyonce Booty Shake Mega Mix, I’ll start with a little MJB’s Just Fine. Why don’t you shake your tail feather to this too. Woot! Go us!