Although I just publicly launched Operation Be Happy, the truth is this journey has been a lifelong one. I mean, think about it, when I lost my Barbie doll and was in anguish, Operation Be Happy and find that toy was my first priority. When I failed my driving test after bragging about allll this stuff I was going to do, Operation Be Happy and get that license so you can drive to the mall with friends without mommy in the car became number one. I had to get what was going to make me happy at that moment.

Impulsivity (is that a word??) had something to do with it but it mostly had to do with the pursuit of happiness, a right that all man goes after. I’m no different. It’s not an endless pursuit either. I have it. My goal is to keep it.

Today, the journey continues and I started the day with reading from the Scriptures, prayer, housework while burning some vanilla and strawberry incense, yum! The day is still early so I have volunteering on the schedule, more cleaning (messy bed, messy head), have some writing to complete and work to do. I even will play with Photoshop and design a blog banner, yay!

What do you have cooking today and how do you envision Operation Be Happy to manifest itself for you? Inquiring minds want to know.