This year I did the unthinkable. I went to the Leimert Park African Arts Festival and I did not buy anything but food. I had a close call though.

After being at the community cultural faire about, say, five minutes, I came across the table of WEST LOVE. One of the owners, Denise, was posing for a picture and I intruded on the scene trying to get to her magnificently designed pieces. Wire wrapped necklaces, bracelets and earrings peppered this booth that had a backdrop of fine linens, draped like curtains over their hangers. Me, floored!

After the photograph for another patron was taken, a conversation ensued. WEST LOVE’s pieces are all crafted by Denise, who makes the high end jewelry, and Diane who designs and sews the flowy, summery clothing. Unfortunately the women don’t have a website where you can see the goods, but I was able to snap my own shot of the fabulous artist Denise at the booth. Isn’t this all so lovely!

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