Those of you who are friends on Facebook know that yesterday was Operation Buy Jasmine A Wii. Thanks to Craigslist, Teresa and John (the sellers of all my Wii Wii goodies), I am ret ta go! Yes, I said Wii Wii. That’s my Wii’s name. *Shrugs*

Thanks to Ubisoft, I’d also gotten the Gold’s Gym Dance Workout and after playing Just Dance 2 at Blogher ’10 in NYC, I HAD to play this game. Scratch that. This is NOT a game.

By nature, I’m a lazy girl. Being a self-employed computer geek, I’ve learned the life of the couch potato. I eat, sit at the computer, and then eat again. Weight gain is a close friend of mine and sedentary is my BFF. Not anymore.

Crushfellow told me some time ago that my weight was “too healthy.” Ha! I ate a cookie in toast to his statement. He wasn’t so far off because I wasn’t happy about my extra padding. I just didn’t like hearing anything about my weight from him. Whatev. This is Operation Be Happy, so I can’t get caught up on that. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

So, anyhoo, I plugged in my Wii Wii and played some Wii Sports Resort and while fun, I got bored. After my diversion to Twitter and Facebook and then booking a trip to the Bay area, I jumped back up to play Gold’s Gym Dance Workout. This should be fun!

People, I don’t believe in hell, but I tell you if there was, this workout game is it! That isn’t a negative statement only because we all know workouts can be grueling. After strapping on both my Wii controllers, pulling out my Wii Fit balance thingy (the thing that looks like a stepper), I was on a roll. All was well until the evil personal trainer started giving me instructions. Then, it happened!!

Monica–I think that’s her name–seemed so nice at our first meeting. Yes, she is a real person to me. After what she did to my body, she is no longer to be seen as a computerized game person. She’s the real deal.

First, she walks me through getting started and all this goodness about monitoring my progress and setting up my profile. She told me how to use the controllers and how the process was going to go. I chose some Latin dance beats like Reggaeton to dance to and she turned into demon trainer.

Imagine me, two remote controls in hand, balance stepper thingy underfoot, arms flailing and sweat dripping off my face as I try desperately to keep up with Monica’s instruction. Left, right, left, right, left, riiiiiiiight! Goodness Monica, I thought that I didn’t really have a membership to Gold’s Gym. Go easy on me!

All in all, I did really good, mastering my dance workout routine with close to perfect scores. I lost considerable calories as the game accurately determines. I think I lost some water too, being that my face and clothes were a little on the damp side. Best part ever is, I learned some sexy dance moves. Now THAT makes me happy!

Operation Be Happy: Gold’s Gym Dance Workout was an overwhelming success. I did it! I accomplished a few goals. Got my game console. Got cool games. Got active. Diversified my schedule. Got my sexy on. Got happy.

I encourage all you Wii owners to grab the Gold’s Gym Dance Workout. They even have a 7-day pass to Gold’s Gym inside! I’ll be sure to let you know how OBH: The Real Deal Gold’s Gym Workout goes. My only hope is that Monica isn’t there. O_o

I was selected by Ubisoft and Clever Girls Collective to be part of the Ubisoft Champions social media program. While Ubisoft provided me with this game to review, the opinions I’ve expressed here are solely my own and represent my honest viewpoint. Ubisoft and Clever Girls Collective promote Blog With Integrity

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