I’m inviting you on what is going to be my equivalent to Eat, Pray, Love or whatever the book and Julia Roberts movie is called. I eat and pray often but love, not so much. Not that I don’t love but I’ve recently been given the red X and was pushed aside by my longtime crush.

Operation Be Happy is born from yet another bad interaction with someone I cared a little too much for. Womp. Who cares? All I know is that unlike heartbreaks before the current one, I will NOT give in to Woe-Is-Meism.

I’m a fighter. I’m a diva. I’m the classiest and most prideful girl you can know right now. Additionally, I am not alone in my mission.

Millions like me are finding happiness, not in circumstances or things, but in spiritual enlightenment. They may pepper in a few activities, as am I, to add other facets to their already full life. They stay busy and they don’t wallow. They fight.

I’ll be completely honest in saying I suffer from depression. A life full of despair has been mine. No more. While some things can’t be controlled, a lot can. Hence, it’s my choice to take Operation Be Happy on and, well, be happy.

Why Be Happy? Mary J. Blige’s Be Happy is my favorite song. I mean, “How can I love somebody else if I can’t love myself enough to know when its time to let go?” Seriously, who can’t relate to that.

In a text message, I was told, “Jasmine…Please leave me alone.” That, I will do. I have to listen to my crushfellow and leave him alone. We don’t hate him people. He’s on a journey and so am I. My journey is to Be Happy and this is how I’m going to do it.

I am going to pray like there is no tomorrow. I am going to read my Bible like it’s going out of style. I am going to get with my Christian brothers and sisters so much, they are going to get tired of me. I’m going to volunteer my time to help others.

That’s not enough because there are 24 hours in a day so after I’m done with that, guess what? I’m going to read to my hearts desire. I’m going to sew, crochet, make jewelry, and paint as if life were eternal. Guess what else?

I bought a Wii and I’m going to play like the children around me do. I even bought an exercise hula hoop and boy, aren’t my abs feeling good. Big 5 had a blue beach cruiser with a basket (for flowers!!) that I want, so I’ll buy it.

I’m not going crazy. Nope, not at all. I’m going HAPPY. I’m absolutely tired of letting people and circumstances alter my sense of well-being. So I won’t let them.

A few weeks ago, I lost one of my dearest, childhood friends in death. One of the things I’ll cherish about her is although she’d been terminally ill for at least five years, she was the brightest, most optimistic persons I’ve known. I want to be like her. I want my light to shine brilliantly on everybody I encounter.

I invite you on my journey. It will involve travels, eating, the arts, you know the arts and cultural stuff I like anyway. I also want to tell you about dynamic people that have influenced me along the way.

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Operation Be Happy, let’s go. *in my Diddy voice*