Recently, I’ve been having highly creative days and burst of energy like you can’t imagine. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been working out and bringing my sexy back a la Justin Timberlake. I love it!

This morning, I woke up about 6 a.m. and I was fully dressed already. Sounds weird but what had happened was–note to readers, what had happened was will always preclude a crazy explanation of why something happened–I was feeling eager to go out on Saturday night about midnight and fell asleep with a cute outfit on. Yeah, that’s a normal Jasmine occurrence.

I got up, fully dressed, shoes on, jewelry still dangling nicely and decided I’d make the best of it. It was too early and I wasn’t quite awake enough to try showering (dangerous to shower while sleep walking), so I decided to crochet a bit.

Then, that got to be so relaxing, that I wanted to lay back down with my jumper and sandals on. That’s when I pulled out Gary Vaynerchuk’s Crush It. Yep, I crocheted and read while burning cinnamon fragranced candles from the Laguna Candle Company.

Ahhhhh! For those few moments before I officially started my day, I felt in my element. Reading, doing my crochet thing, smelling the aroma reminiscent of wintertime and hot cocoa.

There was no time to worry or fret. I was focused on doing what made me feel good. I could say then, “Self, today is going to be a fabulously creamy and scrumptious one.”

You know the one thing that would’ve made it a better moment of stolen away me time. My purple Snuggie!! YES!!