You all know that I like to scour flea markets and yard sales, that I love home made and handmade, and that if someone else can make it, I’ll try to myself.

It’s this attraction to the good old-fashioned new and used, arts and crafts that made me uber happy to hear about the LA Craft Experience. An experience indeed, the amalgam of artists and craftspersons and their goods are on display, all in the lovely Los Angeles neighborhood of Chinatown. What makes it even better is its evening appeal. Goodies, food, and shopping all at an hour conducive to the midnight madwoman herself.

I’ll likely step out tonight for a bite, some inspiration and some relapsing into shopaholism. Then, check back with me again in two weeks on August 28 to see if I catch the round two and get my second installment of the LA Craft Experience.

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