Since I appreciate the finer, free things in life like seeing color and a breathtaking landscape, I would enjoy this.  Because it’s not everyday that I vacation in the South of France, it would be good to have this.  To continue the family legacy because my dad enjoyed his, and because he had several, none of which I can locate now, I need my own.

It only makes sense for me to be an official camera toting citizen. A bonafide, strap ’round the neck, foot traffic halting, view blocking, scene grabbing photographer. Oh no, not one of those amateur types who snaps any old thing watonly. No, no, I would be the calculating kind, the tilt your head to the left, no the other left, no wait, let me put my hands on your head and move it where I want it to be photographers.

Especially, if I could work out this little knee problem that I’ve noticed each time I attempt the Stanky Leg. If I could lean in close, kneel so far toward the subject, I might as well lay the camera IN the plate of food, lay on my back in the middle of the street and almost get run over by oncoming traffic to catch this highrise in its glory, if I, (huffing, let me catch my breath) if I could just get this camera…

I only want it just to have it to be honest. Lawd knows, as do I, that I don’t have the time to invest in learning the art of photography. Oh, but how I admire great photographers. How I admired my father in the backyard taking pictures of my mothers one budding rose, or how he managed to make my sister and I feel like supermodels reaching up to a plum on our tree a la Eve before her awful crunch and munch. Those moments were priceless and we have the photos to prove it.

So, one day, when it makes sense to make an investment in a super camera (anything better than my $75 digital camera falls in this category), I will. For now, I will browse the Pennysavers and Craigslists of the world and feign.

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