“And what passion is that?” you ask. You may’ve guessed by now that it has a lot to do with creativity. Nothing in particular, just creating things or relishing in the the creative expression of others.

That, I haven’t forgotten. Just with writing for others and building J Powers Marketing & Publicity, one has little time for pulling out the sewing machine or the crochet needles, taking dance classes, or painting. The good thing is that I feel equally passionate about the people I work with and their projects. 

This morning, however, I’ve decided that it’s time to bring womanfrommycountry back into full effect. She’s just been resting, not dead. She’s ready to face this summer with an insatiable hunger for art walks, outdoor concerts, plays, literature, dance theater, photography, and burdastyle.com.  Oh, you haven’t heard of Burdastyle? OMG. Loves it!

Before I get too caught up rambling and catching you all up on what I’m going to do, I want to tell you about Target : Company : Arts + Culture initiative. It’s old news to some, like me, but being that I’m officially engaged to be married to the superstore, I wanted to tell you why I love them ever more. They have sponsored FREE Sundays at museums nationally. How friggin’ cool is that? Another OMG!

Brooklyn Museum, a fav of mine, MOLAA and CAAM are some I will visit this year, for FREE. Free, free, free. I can’t get enough of that. Surely, more inspiration is to come from this and on that note, stay tuned.

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