Much of what I share on Utina is about my observations and people who captivate me with their work. One of these being Stacey-Ann Cole, a lovely woman in the UK who I “met” on Twitter. She’s known as @Creativesque, so be sure to follow her. We’d originally began chatting innocently discussing e-commerce solutions for artists and when I saw what she creates, I was artstruck…

That prompted a cyber meeting, and this is how it went:

ME: Tell Utina readers about yourself  and your art.

SHE: Hiya, I’m Stacey-Ann and I run a little business called Creativesque from my home in London, England.  I sell stylish and fun handmade paper goods, many of which feature my own illustrations.  I also create original watercolour art mainly featuring African American women in various settings.  I like to create positive images of black women and I sometimes put them in settings that I don’t widely see them in such as fantasy settings.

ME: How long have you been doing this, and how did you get started?

SHE: I’ve been running Creativesque seriously for only about a year but I’ve been building up to it for 5 years.  When my six year old son was a baby I did what so many other mothers out there do, which was to find a creative outlet for myself.  I started drawing, sketching and painting which is what I loved and excelled at in school and it felt good to go back to doing something I used to love.  That led to trying my hand at selling one or two pieces on ebay and then finding and opening a shop on there selling my artwork.  Since then I’ve expanded into making and offering handmade paper goods too.

ME: Though the epidome of cliche, how do you plan to win in 2010?

SHE: In 2010, I plan to expand my range of paper goods and offer more handmade notebooks, handmade greeting cards and I also plan to open an online shop on my own website so that customers can buy direct from me if they don’t have an Etsy account.  Of course, I will still be creating more artwork as inspiration comes to me.  I have lots of ideas for paintings!

ME: Where in the world are you from and what is the art community there like?

SHE: I was born in Jamaica and although I don’t know many specifics about the art community there, I know that there are many talented visual artists of all kinds, one of the most well known being Edna Manley, mother of one time Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley. Her sculptures are amazing and I badly wanted to attend the Edna Manley School of Art in Jamaica when I left high school but my life led me down a different path.

ME: Who or what are your inspirations?

SHE: I’m inspired by nature quite a lot for its shapes and patterns and beauty.  Even though I’m not in any way green fingered, flowers and trees always seem to end up in my work!  I’m also inspired by the human figure, mostly faces and expressions. A couple of people who inspire me are my mum who has taught me to appreciate the little details of things and Maya Angelou for her way with words and language.  There are more but the list will get too long!

ME:  Let’s say I wanted to purchase some of your work, where would I do that?

SHE: Most of my original watercolour art is available in my Etsy shop along with some cards and gift tags

Lots of cards and gift tags in my Notonthehighstreet shop too

Cards, gift tags and handmade bookmarks available in my Coriandr store

And soon from my own shop on my website

ME: When you get famous, who are you going to call first?

SHE: My mum probably!

ME: Answer the next couple of questions just for fun.  Shakespeare or Tupac?

SHE: I had better say Tupac or else the boyfriend will kill me!

ME: What’s your favorite book?

SHE:  Can’t choose between A Woman of Substance by Barbara Taylor Bradford and the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. 

I can honestly say that I really like Stacey-Ann a lot. I imagine I will be purchasing some of her vibrantly colored pieces and bookmarks especially because I LOVE READING! Okay, let me calm down. For more on the lovely Ms. Cole, she’s been featured also on, and can be fanned on Facebook.

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