And now, for the good stuff. You all know great planning and implementation is involved for a semi-interesting blog. For one that makes people come back, hmmmm, even moreso.  Now that I’ve got my periodic tables, and square roots and algorithms in order, we can go on with our regular programming…

Just like a happy negriodian who sees their relative being interviewed about the local shooting on the evening news, I am happy to state that my premier ARTSTUCK artist being interviewed, is in fact, “My cousin!!!” (Al Sharpton, please do not call me, I’m just making an illustration that my readers “get”. On with the story…)

I virtually “sat down” with Jay Edwards, so I could find out more about those little paper foldy thingys, the colorful, genius-crafted PAPER MATEZ.

JP: What’s good Jay? Looking good, and the work is definitely fabo. Tell Utina readers about PAPER MATEZ.

JAY:Whats good cuzzo. Thank you…thank you…Ya know, to this day I still have trouble trying to explain just what PAPER MATEZ are. You kind of have to see one to know that, hey, this is made from paper.

JP: Word. So what inspired you to venture into the Japanese art form of origami?

JAY: PAPER MATEZ URBAN ORIGAMI is a 2 year dream come true. I never once thought that I would someday be engineering 3-D paper sculptures. I got a degree in graphic design but I majored in street art long before the PAPER MATEZ came to life.
The idea of the whole thing started one Saturday morning with something as simple and innocent as a father cutting out traditional paper dolls with his daughter, you know the old school 2-D women with the tabs on the clothes. She had to be no more than half a decade old (and yes I said half a decade Jasmine), she said, “This would be cool if we could make our own paper dolls.”  It was right then that I saw a light bulb turn on over her head, just like the one you see in cartoons. I told her nothing is stopping us from making our own paper dolls, but “Daddy don’t really play with dolls.”
So she called them paper people, told me that I should make them look like the characters in my sketch books., and that it would be cool if they had real looking shoes. At that moment we were not only father daughter but also two artist with a singular vision 3-D paper art. The rest is design after design after re-design. 
In the words of a 4 year old, “If at first you don’t succeed try and try again, cause quitters never win.” (Smiling) I taught her that! Funny how words have real power, right?
JP: I’ve seen everything from Fred Flintstone to Michael Jackson to the Twitter logo AND the whale you see when Twitter has had a nervous breakdown. Is there any criteria for subjects you transform into PAPER MATEZ? 

JAY: As of now, anything goes. I pull ideas from people around me, friends, other crafters, my childhood, pop-culture ,Hip-Hop, fashion, street art, my love for sneakers, music. Ideas are every where. Truth is, I still ask my daughter for ideas…and each time she gives me gold!

JP: That reminds me of the
latest Eddie Murphy flick. That’s cute. Shout out to M.C. Jay’s Daughter. Now, though this is sooo cliche, how you and PAPER MATEZ “plan to win in 2010”? I had to ask cuzzo, the old ladies made me do it.

JAY: What old ladies? Who’s asking? I have planned more gallery shows this year than ever before. Lots of new colab’s  are in the mix, be it fashion, pop culture or with other paper engineers across the globe. I hate to really say this but, I am on a grind to put PAPER MATEZ in the street like crack in the 80’s.

JP:  Wowser, like that? (Scratching head.) I get what you’re saying though. Let’s get a drum roll for the controversy. I saw a tweet yesterday from a gentlemen who essentially said, “Everybody is donating to Haiti. I guess Katrina victims don’t need anymore help.” What do you say to a statement like that?

JAY: 1,2,3,4…..FIF!

JP: Thanks for your input. A numbered dialogue is better than none at all, I guess. So, umm, if I wanted a custom Jasmine PAPER MATEZ, would you make me one? And how can fans order theirs?

JAY: Sure thing, I got you. Just as soon as a come out with the PAPER MATEZ MISSUZ. You can reach me via email or come hang out at an art show.

JP: Jay, it’s been good chatting with you. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us. I’m sure I’m not the only one inspired by what you’re doing.  We ’bout to go worldwide baby!!! Make sure you send me a couple of dollars when you blow up (flashing my Colgate smile)!