Saturday started off as a plain day. Me oversleeping as usual. Hoodie. Sweats. Bad breathe. Afro looking like a birds nest. Meh.

‘Round about noon, I’m bright and chipper, ready to enjoy Roscoe’s with my good friend and my mom. Food delish. Fingers greasy. Now ready for the movies. Next showing 4:50 p.m. Ahh, Michael’s. Time killer.

After about an hour of heart pounding decision making in the jewelry section, I head to checkout. The clerk compliments me on all of my rings. “Try one on. If you can fit it, you can have it.” I take the ring off and hand it to her. It doesn’t fit. Good thing I have on three. I hand her another. It’s a fit.

She nearly breaks out in tears. I say, “Don’t cry.” She responds, “I can’t believe you gave me a ring. Why?”” “I just feel like if you give or do nice things you get it back,” I say.  “You really made my day. It’s just–I give and I never get anything back.”

As I leave Michael’s, I’m sobered. It is true, there’s more happiness in giving than there is in receiving. This one thing, that I thought was so small, so not a big deal meant everything to her. Today, what small, relatively insignificant thing will you do to brighten someone’s day?

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