“And the sound of the rain, against my window pane, is slowwwwly, is slowy driving me insane!” Well, not really Rose Royce, MJB, Y.N.V. and whoever else sang I’m Going Down.

The rain actually has me feeling tres creative.  Sooo, I think I’ll be browsing through my pick for Day Two of my self-made book week: Golden Hands’ Crochet-A Pattern Book

I found this in my mothers library, so I snatched it since part of my focus now will be mastering crafts and then retailing the masterPIECES on womanfrommycountry.etsy.com. Crocheting has been something I’ve known how to do since my wee days of yesteryear. However, I’m going to refer to this vintage book for inspiration on creating updated looks of the crocheted fashions of the late 60’s, early 70’s.

I’m loving this rainy Monday already!

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