It’s been a few months that I’ve been showcasing and introducing new artists, musicians, performing artist, and maybe a few authors to the fans of womanfrommycountry on Facebook. The things I like, I love to share. This would explain my faith, and also the passion I’m going to put into featuring a few talented individuals that I’ve come to know about.

By no means are the ones I’ve mentioned, the first artists I’ve come across, so I must introduce you to my father.  He was a tall slender man with broad shoulders, a serious demeanor, and a warm heart. He loved his wife and his girls. He also loved his art.

As children, my sister and I weren’t allowed to spend too much time in the Art Room, a third bedroom suitable for she and I not to have to share a room, but designated as the creative domain of my dad. There he would paint for hours. It seemed more like days, but he definitely painted for hours, for days on end. If not there, he would paint outside, standing on our patio overlooking our spacious yard adorned with flowers, fruit trees, a garden, and a chicken coup, that he’d planted and built.

Family outings and vacations where influenced by his love for nature and photography. There was Redondo Beach, Laguna Beach, Long Beach, Santa Barbara, Peck Park, Harbor Park, Yosemite, all of lower U.S.A., and a million more places. Each stop required photographs, and if the image was inspiring enough, it warranted a painting.

What other black girl in Compton had paintings of Kenny Rogers, Anita Baker, ballerinas, landscapes, family portraits, my own portrait, several of my mother and sister, African women, Native American women and men? Not any that I knew.

This mans creativity and passion for God’s artistry moved him to paint images I’ll always cherish. The image I’ll value the most since his passing nearly two decades ago, is him, holding his brushes, on the patio, standing tall and focusing on the canvas.

This is getting hard for me, so I can’t muster up taking photos of some of his paintings. But know that my father was the most amazing person, artist, man, that I’ve ever known.