DSCI0004, originally uploaded by womanfrommycountry.

I’m a Cali girl all the way and there are so many things about this state to love. The beaches are my first pick. After a wonderful day at Redondo Beach, I decided to do some aimless driving and ended up at this lookout in Palos Verdes.

This photograph was taken a few years after my initial discovery of this picturesque landing zone. My father was a photographer and artist so this image captures some of the wonderful elements of God’s creation, just the way my daddy’s did.

The only difference is the magnificence of the afternoon sun, the sparkling waters, the reflection of sapphire skies. No artist or photographer can do it justice, recreate it, nor properly show the vastness of what your eyes can take in with one sweep across the horizon.

If you’re ever in Southern California and get a chance to drive down Pacific Coast Highway, you’ll see many more awe-inspiring masterpieces like this one. I love this particular meditative spot, though, so I will visit Palos Verdes soon, and give thanks for yet another reason I am drawn to the Great Artist, Jehovah.

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