People, if you want call it such or not, the ability to make people feel good, to laugh, to have stress incontinence that is not age induced, is in fact, an art.

I am a YouTube fanatic and most of what I watch there is comedic. Primarily parodies and footage of the inadvertently hilarious can keep me entertained for hours. Bump Hulu and Netflix!

Now in this male dominated field of comedy, I have to give uber props to Kim Coles. This woman has history and is mo’ than talented. She is outright infectious.

Since she can make me smile simply by flashing those pearly whites, I want to put you to the test. Whoever can watch this ENTIRE reel, not laugh, smile, nor feel the chemical welling up in your head that says, “This is funny, you need to be laughing right now,” will win a Dunce cap.

This is the one time I’ll be happy you won’t win. For more of z actor, host, comedian, and gifted artiste, find Kim online at