Looking at this picture, I’m realizing two things. No, it’s not the two button anklets I have tied around my lower calf. I notice that I have big legs, and big ol’ feet. Hey, that’s no surprise because I’m almost six feet tall and have been compared to the buxom Dreamgirl, Effie White.
Being a big girl, I’ve found it hard to locate attractive anklets fit for a queen. There are those metal chain extensions, but I don’t want to pay $2.99 for it. Just make the first piece come in my size. Anyhoo, enough of my ranting.
The button anklets pictured here are inspired by simplicity and a slight addiction to notions. They were created when I was supposed to be organizing my buttons and other notions, findings, and tools. The outcome, a success. They fit my ankle, the cotton cord can be trimmed and retied for a custom fit, and I’ve even taken one off and tied it around my wrist as a dainty bracelet.  I love these things.

 These would look great with some brown suede sandals, a cool, paisley print summer dress, and hobo bag while I walk the Laguna Beach boardwalk in the evening breeze.

If you want these cute button anklets, they are available online at the womanfrommycountry(TM) store.Want to change the cord color and button? I can do. Just message me at womanfrommycountry@googlewave.com

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