10. Having a craft or hobby can earn you some extra money and or be the main source of income in the
      event of a job loss.

9. Going to an free performance put on by a local band, dance troupe, or theatrical group will keep you
    entertained and help you to have a good time, in spite of bad times.

8. If you are said band member, dancer, or actor, these activities can release stress and if your
    performances aren’t free, your pockets can get a little padding.

7. Since commercialism fuels the holidays, save yourself some money and stress by making gifts by

6. A continuation of #7, reduce stress and potential road, parking lot, or mall shopping rage, keep
    yourself out of jail, and someone else out of the hospital by creatively designing your own gifts. Did
    someone say refashioned silverware?

5. Save money on an evening baby sitter and teach your little ones a thing about paper, paint, fabric,
    and glue. A little bit of this and a baby monitor may free up enough time for you and the hubby to 
    enjoy a nice evening together.

4. Since making good food is an art, save some money and prepare truly superb gourmet meals for a
    month, spending what you would in a week on fast food. Filet those bills, man! Eat at home.

3. Sad to say, substance abuse has also increased in these turbulent economic times. Curb cravings by
    breaking plates and using the shards of glass along with grout, to make a beautiful mosiac. Try
    creating a mosaic table top, or serving tray. (Please be safe. Cutting yourself or others does NOT
    classify as art so don’t do it! Adult or a sponsors supervision is advised.)

2. If therapist bills got you down, grab a crochet or set of knitting needles and work it out. Better yet,
    grab a pen and a journal and write out how you feel, maybe even tossing in a bit of fictional
    information to take your mind away. You may find your mental health more manageable and that you
    have a best selling book on your hands.

1. The number one reason the arts and some crafts are good for the recession is its ability to keep you
    from thinking about it. Wasting time worrying about it won’t change the situation. However,
    productivity and using your gifts creatively may provide a solution to the mental, physical and
    financial effects of today’s financial crisis.