When I walked into Borders, I slowly looked around. Coffee, nah. Business books. Already have too many. Stationary. More paper, meh. Magazines. Hmmm….
Hair styling mags, men’s interest, women’s interest, bridal. Yawning. This is boring too. Oh, what’s this HUGE one. A dark skinned African model on the cover? Sleek and colorful design printed on better quality stock than some books? What in the worrrld?!

ARISE Magazine, launched in 2008 at THISDAY Music & Fashion Festival in London, is according to its mission, “the herald of modern Africa and its global cultural echo.” It features articles spotlighting Africa’s beauty, accomplishments, and its undeniably attractive people. Fashion, music, culture, polity–you’ll get it all within ARISE’s pages.

I’m not the least bit surprised by ARISE picking up the international award for magazine launch of 2009. Following the announcement of this honor on ARISE’s Facebook page, comments hailed praise, including one from writer, Nicole Moore, calling the magazines fashion “cutting edge,” the  design “smart & clean,” and the content “refreshing, intelligent and witty.”

She couldn’t have better articulated what is a premier fashion magazine with worldwide appeal.

Take a peek at ARISE and its spectacular images on Facebook, Twitter, and the Los Angeles Times. For the real deal, have a seat and visit this masterpiece on its website at http://www.arisemagazine.net/.