I love rings. Big, bold, gaudy, bright, sparkly, dainty, studded, sleek. The way some people feel naked without their earrings, I feel about metal wrapped around my finger.

While browsing the internet for little Jazzy things, I came across this John Hardy 18-karat gold beauty, ready for the taking. I’m not a fan of genuine jewelry since I change it as often as Southern California weather. However, this eloquently designed band would be an investment in my wardrobe, taking my hand-me-down ensemble from blah to spectacular. What womanfrommycountry wants to be blah?

Not me, I say, not me.

If you’d like your own gleaming blingy, nab yours at www.net-a-porter.com. If you’re a fan of matching pieces, you’d like being cuffed with the rings mate.