Why did I take a midday nap and at dusk drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks? I should know, but I don’t. Me, naps, coffee, computers, and crime dramas don’t get along. Hence, it being about two hours before I’m supposed to be at work, I’m still awake, on the computer and watching infomercials.

I openly profess that I am a born-again shopaholic. That is not a good thing, so for those who may have been praising the Lord at my testimony, don’t. For the past few recession-riddled years, I’ve been particularly good about curbing my spending, exercising self-control, and taking control of my finances with Pastors Orman and Bridgeworth.

Me and money management were starting to form a pretty good relationship, but somehow art, crafts, clothing and accessories started calling me late at night and intervening. After watching just about every DVR’d show Dish Network could record, including Cold Case, Without a Trace, and Hoarders (ironically), I flipped on an infomercial about the Cricut Expression personal cutting machine.

This scrapbooking and crafty divas best friend is beginning to look like another adulterous tempter seducing me into purchasing. I mean, my budget doesn’t cut, etch glass, stencil, and create cute gift boxes. My bank account doesn’t allow me to make homemade greeting cards that looks better than anything you’ll find in Papyrus.

Unfortunately the Expression doesn’t cut up debit and credit cards, or else I’d really buy it. Its not-so-hefty-for-craft-equipment-price is just an easy payment of $349.99. Depending on how convincing Bridgeworth is, the Expression could end up in my craft room a.k.a. box-o-everything-artsy.

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