In my yearly visit to Laguna Beach’s annual summer Sawdust Art Festival, I stop by my favorite artists booth. A young, vibrant, redhead with a bubbly, outgoing personality, I can’t help but to have formed a friendship with Allison Keefe, the painter of equally as colorful art featuring women with flowing hair, evening gowns, and an air of class. Her booth is lined with unframed portraits of various sizes, some whose muses resemble the likes of Naomi Campbell, Beyonce, and unintentionally, Allison herself. As we chat, I hint at her using me as inspiration. Who knows?

My friend snaps a few photos and as Allison and I chat, I look around almost obsessively at her pieces. I ask a few questions about the glicee process and she describes how she adds depth and texture to her enlarged images. Some pieces have dresses embellished with ornate cutouts. “If only Allison designed clothing,” I think to myself.
It was weird how I didn’t want to leave. I imagine sprucing up my bare, white walls with pieces from Nightfall, Graffiti Girl, and the Bob Marley collection. Instead my budget is happy with decorating my workstation with greeting cards made of prints from Allison lovely paintings.
I take my cards and let her tend to her customers who are now filling up her quaint sawdust floored booth. Until next time.
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