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Hey you! It’s me, Jasmine.

Glad you made it. Our meeting was bound to happen. Afterall, I’ve been loitering around this entrepreneurial space since I was still wearing biker shorts and Bart Simpson tees as a teen. Although I’d done a few things to make money including hairstyling, sewing and alterations and even taking Mary Kay products from my mom’s business to school, it was graphic design, desktop publishing and teaching my aunts and uncles how to use the computer that got me the money that I really wanted.

Over a decade later after working in corporate for several years, I started a virtual assistance business working for a nutritional consultant and later a real deal Hollywood actress who found me on Twitter. From there, opportunities came pouring in and I began producing social events and educational workshops where I headlined as a speaker sharing strategies for social media, blogging, sales, PR and entrepreneurship. I’ve done keynote addresses and panels, management consulting, traveled the country doing events and promotions, wrote a popular blog, and contributed my expertise to organizations like Independent Writers Association of Southern California, Duke Media Foundation, Black Girls Code, Blogging While Brown and Blogalicious.

All because I saw that there are people that needed what I know…

That’s what brings you here. You are educated and have worked in your industry for years. People come to you with questions and your answers pour out without you having to overthink things. This is YOUR thing. You love it and people see you as a expert on the subject, although as of yet, you aren’t getting paid, aren’t getting paid enough, or aren’t getting paid consistently. You’re a smarty, but you feel a bit flustered that this thing, this business thing, this consulting thing, this sales and marketing thing feels like it’s NOT your thing.

I don’t believe that one bit. You just need to fill in the blanks, get some processes and systems, some traffic and client enrollment strategies…oh, and don’t forget some products by way of courses, memberships and workshops…to help you flesh out a real deal business that works out as financially well (OR WAYYY BETTER) for you as your cushy, safe corporate job. Because you know this stuff like the back of your hand, people are searching Google for someone who understands your topic, and here you are ready to smack a price on the value you offer and make money selling what you know.

Now that we are acquainted, let’s talk and discuss where I can be of best service to you. No obligations. Just book a time for us to talk.