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There Is NO EXCUSE That Is Bigger Or More Important Than Real-Time Emotional Connection With Your Audience

Your nose isn’t too crooked, your subject matter too boring, trolls too dangerous or scary, or noise from your kids too loud. None of that matters if your audience is hungry for how you serve them. When you do Facebook Live, or any livestreaming or video, for that matter, it can be very scary. Especially if you haven’t REALLY learned to love yourself and the full scope and essence of who you are and how it contributes to people receiving and getting value from what you do for them.

The other thing is Facebook is slated to be a media powerhouse contending with YouTube and even the all-hypnotizing medium of television. Their push to get people on Live has gone so far as an all out omnichannel campaign including Facebook ads, email, and traditional billboards besire the premium real estate of major highways (LA’s 210 and 710 freeways were where I saw them in the middle of these very heavy traffic veins in the heart of Southern California). Those that understand the weight of the shift to livestreaming on THIS platform, the influence on viewers, and the urgency of Facebook’s push of video and soon live audio media, do well to dominate this communication channel and leverage it to reach communities of supporters and buyers.

Still, you may be scared. I encourage you to go on Facebook Live anyway, to do it everyday until you’re comfortable and confident. I even make it the base task of my 5-Day Out There Marketing Challenge. It was only after making that committment to myself and livestreaming even if my hair wasn’t perfect, my lightening poor, my thoughts frazzled, that I was able to connect more personally to my audience. Add to that being able to close sales DURING the livestream, much like a webinar but without all the pomp and circumstance, and I saw how powerful FB Live would be for my business…or that of my clients, one of who amassed a whopping 137,000+ views on her FIRST business focused Facebook live, another who got 800 views and regained momentum in her business after being inactive for some time, and a recent #outtherechallenge member who landed a new personal fitness training client after her first Facebook Live, even though she was nervous.

That brings me to you. You absolutely CAN do this. I’ll even support you through the process and give you pointers if you need them. For starters, though, let’s work on how you view Facebook Live. Let’s reshape how you perceive it’s value in your life and that of your business and your audience. Let’s look at what’s open to you if you would put any inhibitions aside, pause, inhale and press the GO LIVE button.


To get started, download the FB Live Affirmations below. Smile. You can do this!