3-Day Email Sequence - Jasmine Powers | Marketing Fangirl | Sales and Marketing Consultant in Atlanta, GA 3-Day Email Sequence - Jasmine Powers | Marketing Fangirl | Sales and Marketing Consultant in Atlanta, GA

Are you sending emails once a month, or worst once per QUARTER?

WYD, fam? You gotta do better. Of course you don’t want to be all salesy and spammy but if folks have signed up to your list and you’re in business, they’ve knowingly said, “I want to hear from you and want to see if you can solve my problems.” And they know you’ll have sales and promotions.

The problem with many of my clients who have told me they email only once a month or once a YEAR (I totally facepalmed when one client told me this), is:

1. Believing their emails are bothersome.
2. Forgetting that email is better than blogging, social and ads. (Yohoo, your blogging, social and ads goal is to get people ONTO your email list and to have them shop at your store.)
3. Forgetting that people check email everyday whereas all your other communications channels are obscured unlessssss you are paying for ads and that gets expensive for many small businesses.

So I want to show you how to leverage not only email opt-in offers, but email SEQUENCES to serve your potential and existing clients in a way that enhances their experience with you and boosts your know, like and trust factor.

Introducing My 3-Day Email Sequence Challenge

Starting Friday morning and rolling until Sunday, I will teach you exactly how to make both text and video email sequences prepare your clients for your client enrollment process, builds your email list, and gets you to sales FASTER than your infrequent one-off emails. I’ll kick the challenge off with a webinar training, add you to a private group and send you updates to send you your daily exercises.

You will walk away with understanding how to craft the perfect emails and subject lines, build email drip courses, challenges and nurturing sequences, and turn visitors into paying clients.

Don’t wait. Register for my 3-Day Email Challenge today for only $19. I can’t wait to show you how I built my business using email sequences!